Our advantages

  • Faster

    Technology combined with old business savvy brings speed into the process. Time and readiness are paramount to reach and convince the right match. Why wait as if we were in an unconnected world.

  • 100% effective

    We can reach them 100% through: our own iCriterion friends network (more than 2,500 bios), striking ads in specialized websites, social networks and headhunting.

  • Fine-tunning

    Sophisticated recruiting is not for apprentices. Beyond the job description and resumes, the exact match between persons and organization requires wisdom, not mechanics.

  • All places

    We find the right people around the world, almost without exception.

  • All functions

    We find the right people across the organization chart, almost without exception.

We like people; we do business with them. We do not have clients and candidates: only people. Our customer service allows applicants to be updated thanks to our Twitter and Facebook channels, and do not make them wait and wait. Time is valuable for everyone, not only for companies.