Assistant Finance Manager

Restaurants Franchise Group

Assistant Finance Manager


  • Provide Year-End P&L report, Quarterly Updates, and Month End departmental reports.
  • Provide with the financial management information, in a timely manner, necessary for decision making.
  • Promote, coordinate and support in the preparation of company budgets and define the budgetary criteria.
  • Control and monitor the compliance of company budgets identifying deviations.
  • Provide alternatives for the correction of budget deviations, anticipating as far as possible their identification and implementation.
  • Participate in the monitoring of the company's balanced scorecard.
  • Control the investments in the company. Control the feasibility study and follow up from the approval of the investment project until the last invoice against the project in question is posted.
  • Monitor and track the company's expenses. Establish analysis methodologies and identify spending indicators.
  • Propose improvement measures and ensure the internal control of those critical spending processes in order to rationalize the company's expenses as much as possible.



Should you have a webcam and be a youtube user, you can record a video presentation and attach the video link in the following field.