Based on 25 years of experience -in different sectors and jobs- , Joan Serra is a wise professional able to offer an “out of the box” outplacement / job search coaching service, customized to each candidate’s needs and profile.

What Joan can offer to you:

25 years of experience that provides him with an extensive network of hiring decision makers worldwide.

10 years of specific recruitment practice. He has recruited profiles from technical, mid- management to top executives from a variety of sectors: Consulting, Hospitality, IT, Manufacturing, Retail, Services…

The method:

His experience as a consultant gives him a problem-solution mind. He will help you identify the potential / real reasons that are preventing you for finding a job and will coach you to follow the right path so you focus your energy on the key steps of the job search process.

Joan will take care of the routine work that the search entitles as finding a job is a job itself.

Joan’s Humanist and Finance background combined with his hands on experience in different sectors and areas, will offer an “out of the box” approach to the job search.

His proven coaching method will help you focus to present yourself with a clear, strong personal selling point to the companies.

The service consists of different sessions where you will work on assessing yourself, assessing the market and defining an individual strategy and a personal marketing plan to find a job. Along with that Joan will help you prepare yourself for the job interviews.

As the service is web based, Joan can be available to give you support wherever and whenever you need it.

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