Retail Supply Chain Manager



Responsible for the logistic management of the local and global assortment, the orders to be made, the stock levels and following up the logistic SLAs

 Key Accountabilities


  • Interfaces with Customer Service for all replenishment related activities, especially the placing of new orders and their follow up and the control of stocks at each operation, ensuring that inventory  is in-line with the objective agreed within the SLAs
  • Identifies the necessities of product ordering, validates them internally and issues orders
  • Is accountable for the inventory levels, in line with the SLAs
  • Closely prepares and follows-up on promotions with Marketing and Category Managers

Customer Service

  • Implements processes to ensure effective forecasting and ordering for an optimal supply
  • Manages daily logistics activities, including Purchase Ordering System, Forecast Management system, obsolescence, etc.
  • Manages suppliers’ performance, sharing critical information and proposing corrective actions seeking for Supply Chain optimization
  • Analyzes slow and non movers, overstock and out-of-stock, and develop action plan accordingly


  • Works closely with General Manager to develop annual capital expenditure and meet budget requirements
  • Monitors, analyzes and reports Supply & Demand KPI’s.


  • Analyzes customers complaints related to the supply chain and determine solutions to address critical issues




Should you have a webcam and be a youtube user, you can record a video presentation and attach the video link in the following field.