Finance Country Manager

Catering Company

Job outline

  • Lead the accounting department team
  • Manage accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Match the accounts receivable / payable with 3rd.parties and group-companies
  • Check correct documentation and recording of purchases, sales and inventory
  • Keep proper and detailed register of fixed assets
  • Ensure a proper cut-off of operations (accruals of income and expenses)
  • Evaluate and propose changes of provisions, allowances and impairments
  • Coordinate in collaboration with the departmental managers the budget
    process for the respective companies
  • Ensure completeness and correctness of the financial statements
  • Develop and support introduction of EDP solutions and enhancements
  • Ensure a proper reconciliation with the Group’s international accounting
    system (IFRS)
  • Be responsible for the payroll, HR reporting / hiring & administrative tasks
  • Elaborate and present tax filings according to local requirements.



Should you have a webcam and be a youtube user, you can record a video presentation and attach the video link in the following field.